California Brush Area Homeowners Insurance: What You Need to Know

It can be difficult to obtain California Homeowners insurance if it is located in a designated brush area.   Insurance for any home located in a brush area is also more expensive because the chance of a loss occurring is high.  Brush is any live or dead vegetation near your home or property that can cause a fire if ignited by natural or accidental means.  The brush once ignited can quickly spread into an uncontrollable wildfire.  This makes these Homeowners’ more likely to experience a claim. A wildfire is an unplanned fire that can destroy your home causing you to lose your biggest investment.

In California damage caused to a home by a brush fire is always a threat. Like most states, California has a funded insurance plan for those who reside in the “brush areas”.   This is known as the California Fair Plan (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements).  The coverage is very basic.  It provides coverage for loss caused by fire and can include damage from windstorms, vandalism, civil commotion. explosion, smoke, and hail if you purchase the Extended Coverage Endorsement.

Unlike the standard Homeowners insurance policy in California, it does not provide for theft of your personal property, water damage to the residence, or Third Party Personal Liability.  In order to obtain those coverages, a separate policy would have to be purchased.  This is referred to as a Difference -in- Conditions policy or a Homeowners Wrap-Around policy.  The purchase of this separate policy picks up the gaps in coverage you might have if you have not had any alternative but to purchase fire insurance from the California Fair Plan Association.  

However, there are several financially solid insurance companies that will provide a standard or full Homeowner policy to you.   If you have been impacted by a wildfire in your area you are most likely facing a non-renewal of your current Homeowners insurance policy.  Your company has determined that the property is uninsurable and they will drop your coverage.  You will have to replace that coverage especially if you have a mortgagee on your home that requires you to maintain insurance to protect their interest.  

If you have been dropped by your current insurance company please contact us. You need a knowledgeable agent to represent you.  The purchase of this insurance can be complex and you need to be sure of what you are buying. Do not try to do this on your own by shopping websites.  You could find yourself without the right kind of coverage when a loss happens.  

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