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What Does Business Overhead Expense Insurance Cover?

Business Overhead Expense (referred to as BOE) insurance provides payments for the insured’s business overhead expenses if the business owner becomes disabled. The protection is for covered injuries and illnesses. This policy will keep the business running until such time as the business owner is able to return to work. It is available to sole proprietors and partnerships.   What

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What Does Insurance For Restaurant Owners Cover?

We understand many restaurants can operate on a small margin of profit. One of the areas the restaurant owner can look at to reduce their overall operating cost is to shop the insurance for restaurant owners by talking to an independent agent at Makar Technique Insurance Agency who will work with you to meet your specific needs and budget. Coverage

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Types of Fitness Studio Insurance Coverage Options You Need

You found a healthy way to manage stress and provide emotional as well as physical fulfillment, and you are sharing all of this with your clientele at your West Hollywood fitness studio. Whether it is yoga, pilates, or a dance studio, your fitness studio insurance needs are unique. Fitness Studio Insurance Coverage You Need in West Hollywood Here are some

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Most Basic Things That a Business Owner’s Insurance Policy Must Cover

Your West Hollywood small business does not need the pricing or the cumbersome insurance boilerplate of a Commercial Insurance Package policy. A Business Owner’s insurance policy, referred to as BOP insurance, will work just fine for the small business insurance needs. Aside from the low cost involved when purchasing a BOP insurance policy, the insurance coverage afforded by this Business

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Commercial General Liability Insurance in West Hollywood: A Complete Guide

These are the basic coverages provided by the West Hollywood Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy. As with any insurance policy, there are limitations and exclusions you should be familiar with that are not addressed here. Whenever you have a question about your policy, you should contact your independent agent at Makar Technique Insurance Agency, who will be able to

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