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Finding the Best Home Contractor for the Job

Let’s say you’re about to take on a house project, whether it’s a major kitchen renovation or a simple painting job, and you decide to hire a contractor. So, you flip through the phone book and call the first number you see listed under “Kitchen Remodeling” or “Painters.” Not so fast. Many homeowners don’t realize that they are taking a

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Does Your Insurance Cover What You Agreed to in That Contract?

Most construction projects involve written contracts. A contractor signs a contract with the project owner, with the general contractor, or with a subcontractor on the project. The contract normally spells out the obligations of the contractor regarding, among other things, the insurance the contractor must carry and liability that he will assume. Construction contracts often contain “indemnification” agreements under which

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Types of Building Ordinance Insurance Every Property Owner Needs

One of the major components of a West Hollywood property owner’s insurance policy is the inclusion of Building Ordinance Insurance or Law insurance. This coverage is sometimes overlooked even by those who have been in the insurance industry for many years. From the point in time, when a building is constructed to the point where a loss occurs, there can

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