Everything About Financial Responsibility Certificate or Immediate SR-22

No matter what your driving record is like, we can offer you an immediate SR-22. The SR-22, also known as a Financial Responsibility filing, will be required by the state if you operate a vehicle and register a car. It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle without the Automobile Liability of insurance. Your insurance agency provides an important document that proves you have a liability coverage policy for your registered car.

Who needs SR-22?

If your driving privileges have been revoked or suspended, this filing will be required to have your license reinstated. The filing tells the state that you are insured for the state-required minimum limits of liability. 

Not all drivers require an SR-22. You may need an SR-22 filing if you have been convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have repeated violations or if you were in an at-fault accident and you were not insured at the time the accident occurred, an SR-22 filing will be necessary. 

Typically this proof of auto insurance is required for three years. It must remain active, and you must keep proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times. If you fail to maintain the SR-22 by not paying your insurance premiums due after the filing is completed, the insurance agency will advise the state that you have lapsed your coverage. 

Difference Between SR-22 and Car Insurance

There is no difference between SR-22 insurance and regular car insurance as far as the coverage that is provided. It is more expensive than proper car insurance, but that is because you are considered a high-risk driver. 

We offer SR-22 insurance with a low down payment and affordable monthly payments. In most instances, you can choose your payment due date. Call us today to see how affordable this insurance can be. 

Contact our team of experts at Makar Insurance Agency to get started on tailored coverage. Our team would like to help you with your insurance needs.

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