You found a healthy way to manage stress and provide emotional as well as physical fulfillment, and you are sharing all of this with your clientele at your West Hollywood fitness studio. Whether it is yoga, pilates, or a dance studio, your fitness studio insurance needs are unique.

Fitness Studio Insurance Coverage You Need in West Hollywood
Here are some different insurance coverages for fitness studios that you can consider:

Liability Insurance
Many fitness studios offer training for teachers, and many have retail sales of related articles of clothing. All of the liability exposures of a fitness studio must be taken into consideration by your Makar Technique Insurance Agency specialty agent.

Like any sport or physical activity, even low impact activity can cause injuries. As the owner and most likely teacher of your West Hollywood fitness studio, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being blamed for injuries that occur. Common injuries often result from the overzealousness of the beginner. Some common injuries sustained are bruises, sprains, and infrequently a fracture.

Statistically, the rate and seriousness of an injury caused by fitness studio activity are relatively low. However, that does not mean you will not be expected to pay the medical cost incurred as a result of the injury. The liability insurance we will include in your insurance portfolio will protect you against these unforeseen events and help keep your reputation solid. 

Commercial Property Insurance
The good news is that West Hollywood fitness studio insurance is available and affordable. From coverage on your building, if you own it or are under a triple net lease arrangement where you are responsible for the insurance on the building to the loss of your business personal property, we can offer affordable rates. 

Loss of Business Income
In the event of a covered loss, our policy will include loss of your business income when you are not able to operate your business. We will also pay some additional benefits to help you advertise to get your customers back once your business is up and running again. 

Details Required For Your Free Quote Application
Here are some details we need to know to process your free quote application for fitness studio insurance:

  • To begin your free quote, be prepared to provide us with your years in business, your annual revenues, and your annual payroll. We will also need the square footage you occupy and the total number of clients you have. 
  • Let us know if your clients pay per session, monthly or if you offer a membership.  
  • If you belong to any professional organizations (Bones for Life, IDEA, etc.), let us know as a discount might be applicable to your premium. 
  • In addition, we will need information on the location(s) you occupy, such as the year built, the construction of the building (frame, concrete tilt, etc.), and any fire or burglary prevention. If you have more than one location, advise us of the above information by location. 
  • Copies of any waivers you require from your clients will become a part of your application for coverage. 

Contact Makar Technique For Fitness Studio Insurance in West Hollywood
Aside from your West Hollywood fitness studio property and liability insurance for fitness studios, we can help place your Workers Compensation too! Contact us now and find how Makar Technique Insurance Agency can help you with all of your fitness studio needs.

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