How to Choose a Best Tow Truck Insurance in West Hollywood, CA

There are choices for the West Hollywood tow truck owner when it comes to buying tow truck insurance, whether it is tow truck liability, or tow truck physical damage insurance, or both. Knowing the right choice when you select your insurance agent and insurance company is where you need to tow the line. You certainly do not want to scrimp on coverage, but you want to run your business at a profit, not a loss. Different factors will drive your tow truck insurance premium. This is where the knowledgeable tow truck insurance experts at Makar Technique Insurance Agency can help.

Tow Truck Insurance Requirements and Coverages

At MakarTechnique Insurance Agency, we offer over 30 years of combined experience in providing a competitively priced comprehensive tow truck insurance program. We offer insurance solutions that fit your operations and your budget with a manageable payment plan, whether you are seeking tow only, body shop/tow, auto repair/tow, salvage/ tow, or if you are working for an automobile dealership or financial institution handling involuntary repossession.

When we discuss your insurance needs, we will need the type and percentage of the types of vehicles you tow and whether they are private passenger vehicles, extra-heavy trucks, motor homes, or non-auto items, such as boats or heavy equipment. In addition, we need information on the type of tow truck you own and operate, whether it is a flatbed, hook and chain (will be subject to inspection), or wheel lift.

Aside from the inventory of the trucks, your West Hollywood towing service owns, you will need to provide us with your drivers’ names, their date of birth, and their drivers license numbers. We may require the number of years of experience they have. Be prepared to provide us with this information when you call us for your free West Hollywood tow truck insurance quote.

On-Hook Towing Coverage

Some terms you want to be familiar with are Garagekeepers Legal Liability, which protects your customers vehicle in your care, custody and control. The liability section of your policy pays for bodily injury and or property damage caused to third parties for which you are legally liable. Medical Payments pays medical bills for your passengers. On-Hook Towing coverage protects your customers vehicles while you are towing them. Injury to any of your employees/drivers while on your company business will be covered by your Workers Compensation insurance policy.

Physical Damage to your units, referred to as comprehensive and collision damage, pays for damage to your truck caused by collision or upset or caused by a comprehensive loss, such as fire, theft, or vandalism. To provide a quote for this section of coverage, we will require the full vehicle identification number of your vehicle, as well as the value of it. This section of coverage will have a deductible represented as a flat dollar amount and the deductible applies per claim. On-Hook Towing coverage protects your customers vehicles while you are towing them.

You have options, and we have the right insurance company and coverage for you. Get in touch with us today to choose the best tow truck insurance policy, tailored to your unique requirements.

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