Insurance Claims: When to File it for Minor Accidents

When should you file an insurance claim for minor damage to your personal vehicle? The answer will  depend on several factors.


It is important to understand that any claim you file with your automobile insurance company is recorded by them . It may not be in your best interest to file an insurance claim for minor damages such as dings, mall dents, and scratches as such  damages may fall within  your deductible. In such  cases, a claim would be declined.


However, you may not be the best judge of the repair cost  regardless of how  minor it may appear. Take your vehicle to a local body shop and ask them what the cost would be. If your vehicle is deeply scratched or dented, the cost might be higher than  previously anticipated. If your vehicle is a high-end luxury vehicle, the cost to repair a scratch can be quite high. It may require several coats of  factory manufactured paint  for that particular vehicle in order to  blend in with the car.


It makes sense to handle such small repairs to your vehicle from your own pocket  even if the damage exceeds  your deductible. For example, say  your parked vehicle is scratched when another party opens their car door against  your car door. If the damage is $700 and your deductible is $500 it would be better to pick up the difference on your own rather than to have a claim on your insurance record for $200.


The decision to file or not to file a claim depends on the amount of the damage, the deductible you have on your policy and your personal financial resources  that can pay for the  repairs.


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