Personal Articles Floater Insurance for Your Valuables

Your jewelry, furs, fine arts (collectibles, paintings, etc.) are unique items of personal property and require unique insurance in the form of a West Hollywood personal articles floater insurance policy to insure your high valued personal property.

What Does Personal Articles Floater Insurance Cover?

Unlike the limited coverage provided by your West Hollywood homeowners’ insurance policy, the personal articles floater insurance policy offers broad coverage on an “all-risk” basis. Under this policy form, your loss is covered unless it is specifically excluded by the policy terms. There are exclusions to be sure but not as many as are found in your standard homeowners’ policy when it comes to your valuables.

When Is Jewelry Covered Under The Insurance?

As an example, a jewelry loss caused by a mysterious disappearance is covered by the personal articles floater insurance policy. Theft is covered by a homeowner’s policy – mysterious disappearance is not. Your jewelry insurance coverage is broadened under the West Hollywood valuable articles insurance policy.

Limits of Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

There are also specific limitations in your home insurance policy as it relates to coverage for high end or one of a kind valuable items. The average homeowners’ insurance policy limits loss to jewelry to a limit of $500 or $1,000.  The insurance limitation for furs could be limited to as little as $500. These are total policy limits, not per item limits.

Get Worldwide Coverage

The personal articles or valuable items insurance policy provides worldwide coverage with some exceptions. If you travel a good deal outside of your normal policy territory, then you really need to purchase this insurance, since your jewelry is traveling with you.

Fine arts insurance can be limited to a described premise or policy territory.  There are times where for various reasons and with the express permission of the insurance company, the fine arts personal article floater is extended to provide coverage for fine arts outside of the U.S., or the normal policy territory, such as when a collection is on loan to a museum.

What Items Can Be Scheduled?

It is not just jewelry, furs and fine arts that can be scheduled onto a personal articles floater insurance policy. Many items can be specifically scheduled and insured, such as cameras and the expensive equipment that goes with them, golf equipment, coin collections, stamp collections, and even your old record and trading card collection, if it is properly cataloged.

An Appraisal of Your Valuables Is Required

A check of your valuables against the applicable sub-limits of your homeowners’ insurance policy will help you to identify those items of a particular value which should be insured on a separate personal articles floater. Hi this is a test Current appraisals of the items to be scheduled will be required. In this respect, you are proving your loss before the loss occurs.

Pictures can and should be taken and stored with your appraisals in a safe place to assist you in determining the items that can be lost in a fire or stolen. Safe deposit boxes that are at the bank safely stored away from your insured premises are still always the best bet. 

Do Deductibles Apply To Your Policy?

Deductibles may or may not apply to your valuable items’ insurance policy. It depends on the company your insurance is placed with. Usually, this policy pays “first dollar”, which means there is no deductible.

Do You Need A Separate Policy?

Always seek the advice of your professional agent at the Makar Technique Insurance Agency.  They can provide you with the cost to separately insure your valuables. This can be done by an endorsement or rider to your existing homeowners’ insurance policy or it can be a completely separate policy.

A separate policy will be provided on an annual policy term, but it can be adjusted to expire concurrently with your house insurance policy. The cost will be based on a rate per $100 or per $1,000 in the insured value of the item(s).

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