What’s the Best Way to Shop for Car Insurance?

Shopping for your car insurance premiums is indeed a prudent idea. There are different ways to shop for car insurance near you, and like with everything else some of them are relatively more effective than the others.


 Many car insurance companies advertise  their products online. Unless you are particularly savvy about how  car insurance works this may not be the best way for you to do it. However, shopping online can give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.


The ideal way to shop for car insurance near you is using the services of an independent insurance agent who can access many insurance companies and provide you with the best quote for your unique needs.


Before you begin,  make sure to   evaluate  at your insurance needs. Different states have different limits of minimum liability  requirements  for any person who operates a motor vehicle. These limits are generally too small to provide  adequate  protection. If you have assets, a home, investments, or a steady paycheck, going with the lowest required limit is never your best option. In the unfortunate circumstance of an automobile accident that you are legally liable for, you will not have adequate  liability limits and your assets will be at stake. Once you have determined the amount of coverage needed to protect those assets, look at coverage for the vehicle itself. Also, note that a leased vehicle will require liability limits that are higher than the minimum limits.


Physical damage to your vehicle (comprehensive and collision damage) is subject to a deductible that is applicable per claim. If your financial situation  allows you to take a higher deductible, it will eventually lower your premium.


To get a correct quote you will need the names, date of birth and the driver’s license number of all drivers in the household. If you have young children who are about to apply for a driver’s license, make sure they take driver education courses and maintain a good educational average.  Most likely, you will be asked to produce a school report showing their grades.


Knowing the use of each vehicle will help your agent determine your rate. Let your agent know how you use your car, whether it is to and from work, for business use, or only for pleasure. . If you use your car to drive to and from work, let the agent know how many miles you drive one way. You will be asked for the current odometer reading of each vehicle. You may be asked to present an odometer reading for each vehicle that you  insure.


You will be asked to provide the year, make, model, and full vehicle identification (VIN) and the value of each vehicle.


If you have a lender or a leased vehicle, be prepared to provide such relevant  information as would notify them that their interest is satisfied with the purchase of the insurance.


Ask your agent about multiple insurance policy discounts. Also known  as bundling, you can  place your homeowners or renters insurance with the same company that has your automobile insurance, thus   receiving  a credit on your premiums.


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